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18th April 2015

Tag Archive > Grad Ball

My final goodbyes to SUSU

» 24 June 2014 » 4 Comments

After a whole year as your SUSU President, another as VP Communications, another as Surge Radio Station Manager, another as Surge Programme Controller, and one as a keeno Fresher… it’s FINALLY time for me to leave SUSU. I’ve had an amazing time as President working to help improve the lives of students at this University, […]

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Nominate a friend for the Grad Ball Awards

» 17 May 2014 » No Comments

The SUSU Graduation Ball is fast approaching with the special night set for 9th June – and for the first time ever, we’re introducing the Grad Ball Awards! With six categories, we want to be able to celebrate some of your best moments and memories from your time at Southampton. So nominate either yourself or […]

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Still Looking for a Grad Ball ticket?

» 31 March 2014 » 12 Comments

Are you still interested in picking up a ticket for the 2014 Graduation Ball? If so, here’s your chance! If not, try this. This year, Grad Ball tickets flew off the internet shelves, out-selling targets with over 100 more tickets than previous years and in 1/5 of the time! General release of sales closed on Sunday […]

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Bringing down the price of the Grad Ball – £39

» 16 February 2014 » 10 Comments

SUSU has just had its January budget review, and I’m happy to announce that this means we’ve been able to bring down the price of the Graduation Ball 2014 to £39 (a reduction of over 20%) – and note that this will be done without spending a penny less on the event. We’ve had a […]

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Graduation Ball 2014 Priority Sign-up

» 28 January 2014 » 1 Comment

Each year the Graduation Ball gives a great chance for all final year students to come together in celebration of their times at University. Here’s some details about it all that will help you learn more about it… Going on till 4am – loads of acts across different genres – fun attractions and rides – […]

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Who wants to run the Grad Ball?

» 15 November 2013 » 5 Comments

  “The term Grad Ball is derived from ancient Rome where pupils could only officially complete their education and graduate if they had become strong enough to lift a massive spherical object atop their library.” – … …Said no one ever. The Grad Ball is obviously the biggest event of the year where graduating students […]

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Graduation Ball – The Union Winchester Reception

» 25 May 2012 » 2 Comments

 The Grad ball is drawing ever closer. Winchester will have it’s own reception, with a quality all you can eat grill BBQ and glass of Pimms on arrival.   The BBQ will be run by our very own RAG with £1 of each ticket sale going to Winchester RAG totals. The reception will start at […]

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Graduation Ball: The Winchester Details

» 16 April 2012 » 1 Comment

This year we’re making sure that Winchester School of Arts students don’t miss out on the unbeatable experience of SUSU’s Graduation Ball. We will be providing transport for ticket holders from Winchester to Southampton and back, so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get there and back. To top that we’ll also be […]

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A Barrel of Laughs – more Grad Ball details!

» 13 April 2012 » 18 Comments

Sadly the Easter holiday is drawing to a close  but the good news is that we have more Grad Ball details to reveal; this time we reveal who will be announcing the line-up for Room 3 (Bar Quarter Stage). This year we are excited to offer an extra dimension to your Grad Ball experience. For […]

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Roll up, roll up – more Grad Ball details!

» 30 March 2012 » 15 Comments

As promised, here’s some more information about your Graduation Ball… We’re really excited to confirm that the carnival is BACK by popular demand. Outside sees the return of the ever-popular funfair, complete with Dodgems and all sorts of other attractions, as well as hot food and drinks stalls. Last year nearly half of the students […]

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