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25th April 2015

Tag Archive > Welfare Committee

Always Get Home Safe: Personal Safety Alarms

» 22 May 2012 » 4 Comments

In response to recent incidents in the City, Welfare Committee have purchased some Personal Safety Alarms for you to carry with you on your keyrings for that extra bit of protection. From today, you can get yourself a free Personal Safety Alarm from SUSU Reception. There are 2 types – one in a shape of […]

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And your new Welfare Committee is…

» 18 May 2012 » 2 Comments

On Monday we held the Welfare Committee AGM and I’m pleased to announce the new committee for the forthcoming academic year: Housing Officer – Sai On Tang LGBT Officer – David Wikramaratna Mental Health Officer – Laur Evans Students with Disabilities Officer – Matthew Higgins Student Safety Officer – Lydia Longman Substances (alcohol and drugs) […]

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Wonderful Welfare: Get involved, make a difference!

» 11 May 2012 » 1 Comment

This Monday at 2pm in Meeting Room 2 (on Level 1 of SUSU [Building 42]) we’re going to be electing a number of positions on Welfare Committee. Welfare Committee is one of the standing committees where we plan campaigns and events on issues affecting students.  This ranges from supporting students to find private rented accommodation, […]

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Horrible Housing, Saucy Sexual Health, Super Safety, Sinful Substances, Wonderful Welfare

» 14 December 2011 » No Comments

Interested in any of the above topics? Well we have Officer vancancies for them. Tomorrow (Thursday 15th December) at 1PM there’s a Welfare Committee in The Board Room (on Level 2 of the SUSU Building, 42, in the Sabbatical Office) and we’ll be electing these positions! Housing Officer Sexual Health Officer Student Safety Officer Substances […]

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Wonderful Welfare.. Want to get involved?

» 18 November 2011 » No Comments

At the last Welfare Committee we had a great discussion about how Welfare Committee should run and how we can make Welfare great at Southampton. From this we’ve created a number of positions that we need filled! So if you’re interested in running campaigns on a number of Welfare issues and fancy having your say […]

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Welfare Committee – have your say in how it’s run!

» 29 October 2011 » No Comments

This Friday (4th November) at 1PM, in The Board Room on Level 2 of The Union (Building 42) Welfare Committee is happening! We’ve been making a lot of change to SUSU recently and looking at how committees run is part of this process.  In this meeting we’ll be discussing what we want Welfare Committee to […]

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Union Council 1 – The Decisions Made

» 25 October 2011 » 2 Comments

On Monday the first Union Council of the year was held at the Cube in the Union building. There were 4 policies up for debate and 2 decisions that were asked to be made. Support for the 9th November National Demo On Tuition Fees Union Policy passed at last years AGM states: “Any nationally organised demonstration against […]

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