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The Private Rented JCR are a group of students who are there to organise events and build community between students who don’t live in halls.

In the past, this has meant that students who choose not to live in halls during their first year could still meet lots of other first year students – but now we’re extending that to all students!

It’s easy to miss out on the community that living in Halls brings, so now any student can buy the Private Rented JCR pack!

“We’ve got something for everyone – undergraduate or postgraduate, UK or international, first year or returning student” – Alex Brockman, Private Rented JCR Vice-President

All you have to do is head to The Box Office and in the ‘my account’ section – click ‘private rented’. You can then buy the pack and get entry to the events that the Private Rented JCR is planning over the next 2 weeks – everything from quizzes to picnics, making friends at speed mating to the Private Rented Freshers’ Awards night.

If you are in Halls, your JCR teams also have packs on sale from The Box Office, but be quick – as the packs will only be on sale for the next 2 hours until 6pm!

Find out more about the JCRs here.

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