Mental Health Awareness Week at SUSU

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SUSU is celebrating and commemorating Mental Health Awareness Week this week (8th – 12th October). Mental health is just like physical health; every person exists somewhere on a spectrum of fitness, and so this week is to raise awareness of this and address the negative image that can surround mental health issues.

SUSU’s Mental Health Officer, Laur Evans, says: “The significant thing is that some students aren’t getting the support they deserve. We hope to achieve this by empowering students take better care of their mental wellbeing, publicising the support available to them, and tackling stigma.”

There are a series of events throughout the week, so come along and get involved.

We’re also trying to gauge how important students think mental health support is at the university, specifically counselling. So please fill out this very short survey to help us improve counselling for you. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BV8699X

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