Sabbatical Mid Term Reviews

In General

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This week our Sabbatical Officers are blogging their mid term reports so that you can see what they’ve been working on so far and what their plans are for the next 6 months.

So far can read Chloe’sSam’s, Shane’s, Nicole’s, Dean’s, Sasha’s and David’s reports at www.susu.org/sabbs, and if you’ve got any comments, suggestions or questions feel free to comment on their posts!

This is part of a wider range of activity that the Sabbaticals are engaging in to help be accountable and accessible. They’ve already started a regular schedule of getting out and listening to students, and next week are organising an online question time.

On Tuesday & Wednesday at 5pm, you can tweet with #askSUSUsabbs and ask them anything! They’ll be taking questions and answering them all for an hour each day.