Voting in Elections 2013 now open!

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Voting is now open in the 2013 Elections – which means that YOU have the chance to help decide how SUSU is run for the next year.

For the first time ever we’re electing the next team of Sabbatical Officers, Student Leaders, Trustees and Union Councillors at the same time – and you can vote for positions in the areas of SUSU that you care about. To help you do this, we’ve launched a new eChoice app which helps you to find candidates who have similar views to you – try it out on the website now.

How to vote

AV is the voting system that we use for most of our elections, such as Sabbatical or Student Leader. It allows you to rank each candidate in order of preference. In order to win a candidate needs to have 50% + 1 of the overall votes. When it comes to Results Night, the most preferred candidate is ultimately the winner. You can see a more detailed explanation on the voting system online here.

Voting closes at 4pm on Friday – so make your vote count right now at www.susu.org/elections.

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