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Friday 19th April saw the SUSU Athletic Union celebrating another outstanding year at their annual Awards Ball.

For the second year in a row the event was held at the home of premier league Southampton FC at St. Mary’s Stadium, where almost 700 AU members attended to celebrate the hard work, dedication and success of their clubs and team mates. A formal three course meal was followed by the awards ceremony and an after party headlined by UK DJ and producer Jakwob.

Here are all the details of this year’s AU Awards winners:

Club Colours – Winners

Adam Keeble – Volleyball
Alessandra Rodari – Water Polo
Alex Clayton – Road Cycling
Alexander Davies – American Football
Allan Skellett – Rifle
Amy Napper – Riding
Ashley Pereira – Tennis
Ben McMylor – Men’s Lacrosse
Ciaron Milne – American Football
Daniel Barry – Squash
David Creed – Korfball
Emma Binch – Netball
Fahim Adam – Fencing
Harry Herbert – Men’s Football
James Dallimore – Men’s Rugby
Jamie Hitchcock – Men’s Rugby
Jenny Warhurst – Hillwalking
Jess McGowan – Ladies’ Lacrosse
Jo Madeley – Ladies’ Hockey
John Wright – Athletics and Cross Country
Katherine (Kate) Williams – Ladies’ Hockey
Katie Featherstone – Lifesaving
Katie Rose Keen – Volleyball
Katy O’Sullivan – Ladies’ Football
Lara Beaman – Ladies’ Lacrosse
Lauren Dackombe – Women’s Rugby
Lawrence De Leeuw – Riding
Marina Lunn – Ladies’ Lacrosse
Matthew Posner – Road Cycling
Panagiotis Logothetis – Water Polo
Peter Austin – Water Polo
Sam Thompson – Ski and Snowboard
Samuel Stevens – Men’s Cricket
Sarah Lucas – Netball
Saranna Harris – Ladies’ Lacrosse
Sophie Browning – Ladies’ Lacrosse
Sophie Edwards – Ski & Snowboard
Tessa Hughes – Netball
Tom Philips – Tennis
Will Walker – Men’s Rugby

Half Colours – Winners

Adam Keeble – Volleyball
Dee Tress – Ladies’ Cricket
Alex Smith – Colours Badminton
Andy Davies – Ski and Snowboard
Elizabeth Mumby – Ladies’ Hockey
Emily Cottam – Canoe Polo
Harry Levick – American Football
Howard Rees – Ultimate Frisbee
Joanna Moyers – Riding
Kerri-Ann Upham – Boat
Kevin Wrigley – Colours Badminton
Laura Whittington – Lifesaving
Rachel Siddle – Colours Badminton

Full Colours – Winners

Alex Teuten – Athletics and Cross Country
Ben Hawker – Men’s Cricket
Celie Roos – Ladies’ Lacrosse
David Rowell – Rifle
Elizabeth (Mary) Crossland – Street Sports
Emily Bonnett – Athletics & Cross Country
Ethan Fogarty – Men’s Cricket
Jamie Williams – Ski and Snowboard
Michael Speer – Ultimate Frisbee
Ryan Graham – Rifle
Steven Connor – Athletics and Cross Country


1st Year Sportsperson – Winner & Shortlist

Alex Teuten – Winner
Andrew Valentine
Dan Regan
Katie Lightowler
Rosie Farley


The Sports Volunteer of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Adam Dales – Winner
Paul Lacey
William Homer


Most Improved Team of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Mixed Lacrosse Club – Winner
Fencing Club – Mens Team
Korfball Club
Modern Wushu Kickboxing Club
Squash Club – Ladies 1st Team
Tchoukball Club


Sportsman of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Liam Kelly – Winner
Allan Skellett
James Robinson
Luis Felipe Paulinyi
Steven Connor


Sportswoman of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Emily Bonnett – Winner
Eleanor Rendell
Jo Madeley
Lucinda Grace Taylor
Nicola Hammersly


The James Atherton Sport and Wellbeing Award – Winner & Shortlist

Mixed Lacrosse Club – Winner
Athletics & Cross Country Club
Basketball Club
Liam Kelly
Road Club
Steven Connor


The Union Engagement Award – Winner & Shortlist

Heather Undrell – Winner
Athletics & Cross Country Club
Basketball Club
Boat Club
Mixed Lacrosse Club
Nikhita Chulani


Team of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Basketball Club – Women’s 1st Team – Winner
Athletics & Cross Country Club
Boat Club
Men’s Rugby Club
Rifle Club – Shooting Team
Snooker & Pool Club
Vixens Cheerleading Squad


Outstanding Athlete of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

James O’Mahony – Winner
Celie Roos
Ellie Hoolahan
Tom Foley


The Sports Personality of the Year – Winner & Shortlist

Mohassin Shah – Winner
Harry Fuge
Liam Kelly
Nikhita Chulani


The Athletic Union Award – Winner & Shortlist

James O’Mahony – Winner
Athletics & Cross Country Club
Ladies Hockey Club
Liam Kelly
Mixed Lacrosse Club

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