Get set for JCR Halls Committee elections

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We’re pleased to announce there have been a record number of nominations for your JCR Halls Committees.  A grand total of 139 students will be running for positions on JCRs, with 9 students competing in a presidential race for the Archers Road Halls.

Commenting on the election turnout Union President David Gilani said, “It’s fantastic to see so many new students putting themselves forward into these leadership positions. It shows a real enthusiasm to make a difference and I wish all the candidates the best of luck.”

Voting will now run from Monday 28th October until the 1st November, when the successful candidates will be announced.

For the halls which received a low candidate turnout a by-election will be carried out to ensure that all positions are filled.

Find out more here: http://www.susu.org/making-a-difference/elections/2013/jcr


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