Hole new performance at The Bridge

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Singer-songwriter, Mark Hole, has been entertaining students at The Bridge with his recent lunch time gig. The unique performance comes as part of the Coffee House Sessions, a new music initiative, exposing the hottest in upcoming UK music talent to the student market.

Whilst at the Bridge, Mark sang a variety of songs from his album, including Amazing Grace which he dedicated to a member of the audience.

Described by media and celebrities as a mix of Rufus Wainwright, Robbie Williams, Ben Folds, Queen and Jeff Buckley, Mark is a self-made artist aiming to set himself apart with a nonconformist rebellion.

Mark’s talents¬†come from his strong industry background as the son of Universal boss, Max¬† Hole. Yet, despite these connections, Mark has worked hard to gain recognition in his own right, searching for guidance from the right people to shape his own musical direction.

For more information on the Coffee House Sessions visit http://www.coffeehousesessions.com/

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