Lads’ mags get left out

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A recent magazine sales report from the SUSU shop has revealed that  ‘lads’ mags’ are proving unpopular with students.


The figures show that FHM sales have halved since 2011/12, with just 11 copies sold in the last year. Front sales have also halved in the same period and only 2 copies of Loaded have been sold.


Unlike other unions around the country who have decided to ban the sale of ‘lads’ mags’ citing reasons that they promote lad culture, SUSU are instead questioning whether it is commercially worth stocking them.


David Gilani, Union President, commented, “The removal of lads’ mags is in response to poor sales as the space could be better used. With that said, I’m personally quite proud that our students are so uninterested in buying lads’ mags that they’ve become commercially unviable to stock”


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