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SUSU shop owner, Paul Ridge has a strong passion for music, working in the music industry for 25 years and writing a review column for a local entertainments publication And Magazine for the past decade.


This passion has made Paul particularly interested in creating a good vibe with the music he plays to customers in The Shop. For example you may have noticed in the morning they start  with chilled music, the tempo picks up at lunchtime  with some Motown or House and it’s all rounded  off with something more eclectic in the afternoon with a 60s mix or an 80s odyssey.


Paul’s latest project, Now That’s What I Call The Shop Music, has seen him get the SUSU shop staff together to create staff mixes. Each member of staff gives Paul a list of 10-12 of their favourite songs and he makes them into one long segue.
Click here to have a listen of the latest SUSU shop mixes www.mixcrate.com/susushop

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