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SUSU recently received a message from a student asking about their rights when it comes to open access of their property to prospective tenants.   The student was sent an email requesting a period of open access by Lettings Agency Student NO Fee.

Union President, David Gilani said: “It’s very important that you know your rights with housing so that you get the most out of it. This request by Student NO Fee takes away a useful right that you have with regards to saying when visitors can come into your home. We advise that you check your housing contract to know what your rights are.”

SUSU spoke to Student NO Fee to find out more and they told us  all their students are signed on Southampton University contracts (with a couple minor amends but nothing to do with access.)

Access is therefore in line with the university contract stating students have the right to reasonable notice, 24 hours. During the rental weeks  Student NO Fee explained some of their tenants agree to access between certain times without them pre arranging each appointment. However, this is a choice. Others choose to be contacted 24 hours in advance by e mail or text or by phone. Every house can choose any method at any time.

If your contract doesn’t state this or you are unsure, we advise taking it to the Advice Centre.

You can also find out more about housing and the help and support available to you at http://www.susu.org/help-and-support/housing/2012/index.html


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