More funding for student groups

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Recent figures have revealed that more money is being spent in student led areas. The figures from the recent Finance Sub Meeting, showed an extra £195,000 has been spent on the groups this year, compared to the 2012/13 academic year.

The increased funding has come from schemes such as the Zones Project, which made us more aware of the areas of student-led activity that we should be supporting. The higher figures also come as a result of funding going to student groups earlier.

Talking about the funding, Student Groups Officer James Hemingway said, “I am extremely happy that student groups have received extra funding more efficiently. Student groups are integral to SUSU, they are SUSU. It is therefore so important that their interests have been taken seriously. The fact that they have been supported in this way allows them to do what they love, grow and improve.”

Find out more about student groups at www.susu.org/something-for-everyone/2012/index.html

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