How safe is your house?

In General

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Unfortunately students’ homes a major target for burglaries.  A recent story  saw a Southampton student disturb a burglar in her house.  The resident discovered the burglar when she heard a noise coming from upstairs. After shouting ‘hello’ the door closed and the intruder fled.

To stay safe and avoid these encounters SUSU advises keeping valuables like laptops, ipods, printers and phones are kept out of sight and reach of windows and keep your windows and doors locked even when you are in your house.

If you have a car at university, make sure you don’t leave valuables on display. Even the sucker mark from a sat nav could tempt thieves to break in, so make sure you wipe this mark off of your windscreen.

Anyone with information on suspicious activity or unfamiliar people or vehicles in the area at the time should contact Detective Sergeant Sharon Austin at Bitterne CID on 101.

For more information on staying safe visit http://www.susu.org/help-and-support/safety/2012/index.html


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