Positions for Winter By-elections announced

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The hunt is on for four new positions at SUSU as we get set for the Winter By-elections. Nominations open on Tuesday 3 December and the positions up for grabs are Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer, Community Volunteering Officer, Outreach (Site) Officer and Physical Sciences and Engineering Faculty officer. The nominations will then close on Friday 6 December at 12pm and voting will open on Monday 9 December at 12pm, before it all closes on Wednesday 11 December at 5pm.

As usual, voting and nominating will take place via the website and if you don’t fancy running but you know someone who might, be sure to use our suggest a friend button at http://www.susu.org/making-a-difference/elections/2013/.

There is plenty of information about all the positions in the elections part of our site giving a better understanding of the roles and letting you know if you’ve got what it takes to run for them. But, to give you a taster, here is a little bit of detail on what the roles are about  –

Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer

The Postgraduate Research and Taught Officers will work together to coordinate and organise events and activities for postgraduate students at Southampton. This role works to support SUSU’s aim of developing our students’ commitment to and involvement in our activities.

Community Volunteering Officer

Community Volunteering is a fantastic initiative that has a real impact on our local community. It’s a great way to gain experience of charitable work and as Community Volunteering Officer you get to shape the future of the scheme. This role would suit you if you are a keen volunteer, outgoing, passionate about social change

Outreach (Site) Officer

As Outreach Officer you will work with work to ensure that SUSU activity and services are accessible to students that are studying at our satellite sites, eg Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight. You will represent the interests of students locally and within the University and Union.

Physical Sciences and Engineering Faculty Officer

This role involves the co-ordination of the relevant student academic representatives, working with the aforementioned representatives and the VP Academic Affairs to represent student views to the University. It would suit you if you are passionate about representation and education quality, someone with good listening and communication skills and someone with ideas about how your course could be improved.

Find out more at www.susu.org/making-a-difference/elections/2012/spring/positions





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