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Southampton Blackout is back! And for the first time ever they’ve teamed up with Student Switch-off for a special Christmas competition. Student Switch-off is an energy saving competition between the university halls of residence. Blackout is an annual campus-wide energy audit involving staff and students to show the university how much energy is wasted through leaving things switched on unnecessarily.

This time it’s over to you. To make sure you don’t waste energy (and money if you’re private rented) over the Christmas holidays, listed below are a number of things you can do before heading home.  All you have to do to is join this facebook event, take a picture of yourself carrying out one of these energy saving activities and post it to the event before the end of term (Friday 13th December).

The pictures will then be judged by members of the Blackout and Switch-off teams and 5 lucky winners will receive Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a highly sort-after Blackout hoodie which is sure to keep you snug and warm in the New Year.

So get inventive with your photos and get saving energy!

  • Close all the windows in your room and in communal areas;
  • Turn down all radiator valves to the lowest setting;
  • Reset the heating to come on for just a very short time each day;
  • Ensure taps are turned off and report any leaks to halls reception or your landlord;
  • Turn off the lights when you leave;
  • Clean out the fridge/freezer (if you’re private rented you could consider turning it off and taking any remaining food home with you);
  • Report any faults that you have noticed to halls reception or your landlord.
  • Remember to lock your door;
  • Take all rubbish out to your wheelie bin or nearest mixed recycling and food waste bins;
  • Recycle waste textiles in the British Heart Foundation bins in halls.

The last three points won’t save you energy but they’re still very important to remember to do before leaving.

‘Like’ Student Switch-Off to do this all year round: https://www.facebook.com/sotonstudentswitchoff

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