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Recruitment has officially started for Southampton University and SUSU’s student led project, BEES. Following on from the success of their recent intro event, BEES (Business Ethics & Environmental Students) are looking to recruit three new interns to help develop three different areas of the project. These positions include Business Engagement Assistant, Sustainability Practice Assistant and Online Presence Developer.  Each intern will play a vital role in the progression of BEES and the steps needed to take it out to local businesses and organisations.

Once completed, BEES will see students gain professional training and work experience as a business consultant whilst auditing the business ethics of local organisations to drive positive change.

Talking about the scheme, Union President, David Gilani said: “Sustainability in Southampton has made some great progress over the last few years, and this BEES bid signifies another massive step forward. Although delivering a sustainability auditing tool to our local community is much more ambitious than has been attempted before, the project still includes the same collaboration between the University and SUSU that has made past projects, like Blackout, so successful. I can’t wait to get started.”

VP Welfare Beckie Thomas continued: “I’m really excited to help students work with local organisations in this way; it could be transforming for the city and its people. BEES is a great opportunity for student-led action, putting students at the forefront, where they will tackle sustainability issues both now and in the future.”

BEES hope to transform ethical and environmental business practice in the University and across the city.

As part of this, the project will address ethical practices such as living wage, investment and supply chain management, as well as resource consumption, carbon emissions and transport.


If you’re interested in getting involved and finding out more about the positions available visit http://www.southampton.ac.uk/careers/students/experience/placements/excel_uk.html

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