Christmas crime crackdown

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Unfortunately students’ homes are a major target for burglaries – particularly in the Christmas period!

To keep your valuables safe this festive season, SUSU advises following these simple safety tips:

Lock your doors and windows.

Always check your back door and lock your own bedroom door just in case that forgetful housemate is the last one to head home! Almost all burglaries that have occurred in the last month have been because windows/doors have been left unlocked and open.

Now is a good chance to meet your neighbours if you haven’t already – ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour, and if they are fellow students then make sure they have locked up and follow all this advice as well.

Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows Close your curtains, hide any valuables you are leaving over the break and  make sure that Christmas presents aren’t on show!

Sign up your valuables to Immobilise – an online registration system that means if the item gets lost or stolen it can be reunited with you if recovered!

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