Students from University of Southampton tackling Education Disadvantage

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Southampton Hub has recently expanded their Schools Plus programme to three schools in the city, connecting over 50 university students with school children who may miss out on reaching their full academic potential. Schools Plus was launched in Southampton last year, following its achievements in Oxford, and has since been set up in London and Bristol.

Schools Plus is a community volunteering project led by students at the University of Southampton and supported by Southampton Hub, a charity which aims to inspire, connect and support students to make a difference during their time at university.

Tasha Unwin, Southampton Hub Support Officer, says “we run Schools Plus in Southampton because we believe that students are in a unique position to pass on knowledge and passion for their subject, and perhaps also learning in a more general sense, to those pupils who perhaps won’t meet their full academic potential. It’s been wonderful to see, especially this year, how popular the project is among students – so many of whom are incredibly motivated by the opportunity to make a difference in this area”.

Students commit to delivering tutoring for at least one academic year to enable school pupils to build steady relationships with their tutors and get the most out of the subject specific support which they can offer. Southampton Hub then offers training and support for Schools Plus tutors so that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help struggling school pupils to meet their academic potential.

For more information on the project contact tasha.unwin@studenthubs.org.

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