Success for SUSU international fee campaign

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International students at Southampton University will no longer face fee increases during each year of their study.

The movement comes after a SUSU drive, with VP Communities Oli Coles and VP Education David Mendoza Wolfson, to end student poverty.

As a result of the campaign, the University have agreed to end their system of increasing fees for international students and will ensure they know what their degree costs them.

Students previously faced high increases of their fees once they were already at Southampton, with the recent Fee Survey Report revealing that 50% of international students had experienced an increase of over £1,000.

Union President David Gilani said, “I’m very happy to say that after presenting at the University Executive Group meeting, they accepted our proposal, so for all students arriving from the 2015/16 year onwards, they will have fixed fees. This model doesn’t lose the University any money, as the fixed fee is calculated as an average of fees, however it means that each student has certainty over what their degree will cost them.”

The new system will not affect current students, but SUSU will be working with the University to try and improve the communication about fees to better prepare current international students for their increases.

David continues, “This is a fantastic step forward for the University in terms of support of international students and a system that we can be very proud to hold – there are only a handful of other universities in the UK who have adopted this fixed fee system. Many thanks go to the University’s finance team for helping make this possible.”

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