Improving participation: we want to hear from YOU!

In General

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As part of our efforts to improve how we represent our diverse student body, we’re doing some research into the reasons why some students are under-represented in SUSU.

We know that there are some groups we’re not very good at representing – such as women, international students and students at sites other than Highfield.

But we also know that there are lots of other groups of students out there who aren’t well represented, and we want to do more for them.

The information we gather will help us decide what we need to do in the future, to make sure the people who are involved with SUSU really represent you.

If you’ve got five minutes, we’d like to ask you to fill out our quick survey and give us your thoughts on why you might br – or might not be – involved with what we do.

We’re particularly looking for people with little to no involvement to find out the reasons behind this – so if this is you, your opinion really matters!

Click here to take part!