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The Library is about to launch a poll to find out views on their opening hours. The iSurvey poll will take place over the next two weeks 20 January – 2 February and the more people who can complete the survey – the better!

The decision to run the poll comes after the library receiving numerous suggestions from students about how it ought to change its opening hours.  Already the Library adjusts its opening hours to reflect demand for example opening longer during exam periods and shorter during the summer.

The Library http://library.soton.ac.uk/home operates across six sites and so they get varying requests for opening, depending on the site that is used the most by particular requesters.

Chris Fowler from the library explains, “The poll asks about views of library opening at other sites e.g. Winchester School of Art, Health Services Library, National Oceanographic Library, Avenue Campus Library and Language Resource Centre and not just Hartley and so we hope to find out what you think about library opening, across all of the University campuses.  We are asking students to tell us what their top opening priorities are.”

The library understand students are getting asked to take part in A LOT of surveys at the moment so they’ve made this poll quick, short and to the point.  It will take no more than three minutes to fill in.  It’s web-based and you can choose to be anonymous.

“We are only asking questions to allow us to know what sort of opening patterns you would prefer at the library that you use the most.  We ask a further question about our virtual services (e.g. text, email, chat etc. ) and again, your preferences, but that’s it.”

They are also interested in hearing from people who don’t use the library as they have a question about their virtual services such as online chat, email and text enquiries.

After the poll the library are going to look at the results and decide which opening patterns are the most important to students.  The poll suggests various options ranging from remaining open when the rest of the university is closed during some of the major holidays, to extended opening hours into the night.

“When we know the top priorities for students, we can look at ways of extending our library services.”

To take part in poll visit https://www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/9821

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