Don’t Cut The Student Opportunities Fund

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The Student Opportunities fund is awarded to universities to help them support disadvantaged students who attend university. This fund is vital because it encourages universities to recruit able students regardless of their background. However, the government is currently proposing to cut the fund by 60%, which will have a huge effect on the support Southampton can provide for its students.


To put this in context – last year the University of Southampton received £1.4 million from the government. If the proposed cuts are made, the university will lose £840,000. This means it will only have £560,000 left to support students.


If you believe that education should be available to people based on their ability, not on their background or their wealth, please take 5 minutes out of your day to say so. The decision currently rests with Nick Clegg and he needs to know what students think. Tell him what you think:


1.       Print this poster, and tweet a photo of you holding it at Nick Clegg (@NickClegg); then

  1. Tweet using the tag #SaveStudentOpportunities
  2. Use the tag #hellosusu to spread the word to other Southampton students.
  3. Tell your local MP what is going on! You can find your local MP by typing in your postcode at  http://www.theyworkforyou.com/. From there, click on Send a Message on the left-hand side. And copy and paste this letter (click here) or write your own.


Any action you take will help SUSU to take a stand against changes that will cut valuable resources for our students.

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