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On Thursday 30 January we’re taking part in a 24 hour tweeting project for students’ unions across the UK to showcase what we do.

The project, using the #ourSUday hashtag, aims to highlight the variety of things student unions do.

Students’ unions, associations and guilds across the UK will be tweeting a running commentary of their day to day activities. This is based on similar ‘tweetathons’ by councils, police forces and the UK housing sector.

The day has been organised by University of Sussex Students’ Union Digital Marketing, Engagement and Communications Manager, Joanna Walters as a way to show what student unions do across the sector.

SUSU Union President, David Gilani explains, “#OurSUday gives students and staff at Southampton a chance to join others all around the country in celebration of the student experience – The places where it’s great… and the places where students’ unions are fighting to make it better.”

We want to get as many people involved in possible to highlight our range of activities and facilities. If you would like to take part simply tweet @yoursusu using #ourSUday and say what you are up to. This could be anything from “The hockey team have just started warming up for their weekly fitness training session #oursuday”  to “Emily, Shop Supervisor, adds more hoodies to the shop’s display – they’ve been very popular recently! #oursuday”

All tweets throughout the day will appear on the giant screen in the SUSU concourse so you can see what people are up to at both SUSU and other student unions around the country.

With the results of the day, Jo plans to sift through and collect some of them using Storify.

You can search now for #oursuday tweets via Twitter’s search function.

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