Ask an adviser : Extreme weather and disrepair

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Since last November Southern Britain has experienced extreme weather. Rain, wind and saturation mean many buildings have struggled to cope. The result for many student homes is missing tiles, leaks and damp. Lots of students have come to the Advice Centre asking, ‘what are my rights?’ and ‘how can I get things fixed?’ We thought it might help to post some advice more widely.


Back to basics   

What are your basic rights when it comes to damp and disrepair?



More sources of help

Unipol have helpful advice, and include template letters to formally notify your landlord to act: http://www.unipol.org.uk/advice/students/disrepair-leeds

Shelter is a leading housing charity – here is their guidance should your landlord fail to act:



Still no response, what next?

The first step is always to report the repair in writing. Reporting fulfils your obligation to alert your landlord, and a well worded letter with a reasonable timeframe shows you mean business. Should you take these steps but still not receive a response then come into the Advice Centre for guidance on contacting Environmental Health and sources of free legal advice.    

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