Southampton Students celebrate volunteering

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Southampton Hub, a student group at the University of Southampton, and SUSU’s Community Action Group are teaming up to participate in a national event to celebrate

volunteering in Higher Education; ‘Student Volunteering Week’. Plans are afoot for a variety of events and stunts, including a campaign to encourage further volunteering and one-off  opportunities for students to get involved in the local community.


Now in its 13th year, Student Volunteering Week 2014 will be taking place from Monday 24th February to the 2nd March. SVW brings together organisations from all sectors to promote and celebrate the volunteering efforts of students across the Universities and Colleges in the UK. By getting involved Southampton Hub hopes to highlight the fantastic work students are already doing at the university, use this as an opportunity to have a positive impact in the  community surrounding the university and, finally, attract more students to volunteer their time regularly.


Catherine Mitchell, Southampton Hub’s Campaigns Officer, who is leading on plans for the week says: ‘Alongside events on campus designed to highlight and celebrate the

work of student volunteers here in Southampton, we also want to spend the week showing what can be achieved on and beyond campus when students come together for a project. We are looking for projects in the local area which student volunteers can work on by giving an hour or more or their time – they could be big or small but what we want them to share is a focus based on suggestions from the community.’

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