Voting makes prizes!

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This year, we’re giving out prizes during the voting period to thank you for supporting the development of the Union! For every milestone that we reach up to 10,000 there will be a random draw for prizes ranging from a Bridge voucher to an iPad! You’ve got the potential to win these prizes simply by taking one minute out of your day to improve SUSU.


Furthermore, these prizes are cumulative so the earlier you vote, the more draws you will be entered into! These prizes are a new innovation alongside our live voting stats which provide detailed breakdowns of voters based on year of study, gender, halls, faculty, academic unit and even student group, and we’ll be able to see who will be crowned champion at the end of the week!


We now have a ‘voting totaliser’ inside SUSU which has been shown to be a fun way of showcasing what is going on throughout the week! We’ve already picked our first four winners.

You can see who the lucky students are below and which prizes are still up for grabs:

1,000: A massive multipack of Haribo sweets –  Jenny Ardagh

2,000: A meal in the Bridge to the value of £10 -Frederick Jobbins

3,000: A £30 Sainsbury’s gift card- Jacob Stone

4,000: A £30 Amazon gift card -Ria Evans

5,000: Free Domino’s each month

6,000: An iPod nano

7,000: A Nintendo DS

8,000: A bike to the value of £250

9,000: An iPad

10,000: 1 month’s free rent to the value of £300

Remember to vote for your chance to win!

Voting is open until 4pm on Friday. You can vote quickly and easily by going onto susu.org/vote or in our voting booths located next to Reception in Building 40