The results from Elections 2014

In General

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It’s been another record-breaking year for student democracy at SUSU, with 6,517 votes cast!
There was some action-packed campaigning by some very dedicated candidates.
Every student who voted had a say on the students who will lead our Students’ Union!
And here is who you chose…

UNION PRESIDENT: David Mendoza-Wolfson

Student trustees:
Jade Head
William Yeong
Leon Rea
Samrand Salih

Vice President Student Communities: Oli “Where’s Wally” Coles
International Students’ Officer: Shailesh Agarwal
JCRs Officer: Frankie Mouat
Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer: Ioan Alexandru Barbu

Vice President Education: Sophia “MAMMA MIA ” D’Angelico
Business & Law Officer: Stephanie Kritikou
Engineering & Environment Officer: Shruti Verma
Health Sciences Officer: Gemma Peacock
Physical Sciences & Engineering Officer: Giles Howard

Performing Arts Officer: Anna Kent Muller
Student Groups Officer: Chris McGeehan
SURGE radio station manager: Hannah Hemmings
SUSUtv station manager: Joanna Sheldon
Union Films Cinema Manager: Sophie Isherwood
Wessex Scene Editor: Tahlie Cooper
VP DCI: Megan Downing

Equality and Diversity: Samuel Bailey
Ethical and Environmental: Lydia Butler
Nightline Officer: Emily Shepherd
Wellbeing Officer: Holley Barclay
VP Welfare: Beckie Thomas

Community Volunteering Officer: Mayan Al-Shakarchy
RAG Officer: Jenny Bortoluzzi
VP Engagement: Ellie Cawthera

Athletic union officer: Evan Whyte
Intra-mural Officer: Jamie Wilson
Sports Participation: Lucy Dowdall
VP Sports Development : Katie Lightowler

Union Councillors:
Steven Osborn
Daniel Browning
Joshua McDonald
Roberto Gregoratti
Nathe Jenkins
David Wikramaratna
Umang Rajdev
If you voted, we’d like to thank you for taking part of a record-breaking year for student democracy and ensuring we are more representative than ever.
If you were a candidate, an extra big thanks. You worked so hard for your votes and were a major reason for our record high turnout.

If you’d like to be one of our future elected officers you can find out more at http://www.susu.org/running-your-union/elections/2013/spring/ 


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