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On 26 March, students, representatives from the Highfield residents’ association and members of the local police force, met together for Building Bridges, a scheme aimed at strengthening ties between students and the wider Southampton community.

Main goals of the project include:

A campaign to raise awareness of crime prevention measures among students and families living in the area, to stop them becoming victims of crime.  This would involve the production of three newsletters, which would be delivered to every household in the area, a new website and a new social media campaign..

Three future social events to ensure that students and longer standing residents are able to come together and build stronger and better relationships.  These events will require volunteers to run.

An annual front garden in bloom competition to try and improve the areas’ street scene.  SUSU will hold some simple gardening demonstrations, with some materials available to plant for free and will have specific entries for student residents to encourage them to take part.

“At the event last week we had local residents, students, the Superintendent, University staff, local Councillors and the Mayor come together to celebrate the launch of the event. It meant that people came away with new ideas, inspiration for different community events and gave a chance for people to mingle with groups they don’t usually have a chance to meet” said Claire Gilbert, VP Engagement, who is spearheading the venture,  “it is brilliant to see so many differing groups come together. I am so proud to say that I am a local resident of Southampton and want to make sure every student has the chance to feel the same.”

Words: Jonny Vaughan

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