First Time Living Experiences at University

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Whether it is your first year at university or your last, many of you have been through living changes. Whether you are or have spent your time at halls or in private rented accommodation, we know that you will be facing different kinds of situations.


The unclean dishes that pile up on the side, the pan that has – the once bolognaise sauce – a sticky sauce building in it, the forgotten Philadelphia that is covered in green mould, the flat mate that plays music so loud your room vibrates, the fire alarms that go off at 3am in the morning…you get the picture.


Looking back to the period of time before moving to University, the feelings were mixed; scary but exciting, nervous but eager. Yet, when you arrive to your new home, whether it is halls or private rented, those feelings rapidly change as you face different situations.


Everybody will desire a different kind of living condition and house mates but what it important, is to ensure that every person respects each other so that you can live harmoniously.


The University of Southampton and SUSU want to ensure students that they understand that living away from home can be difficult and that they are looking for ways to help students. If you are feeling a little home sick, need some advice, or really feel like you’re struggling with the changes please feel confident in contacting any of these lines:


JCR – Link?


Nightline: http://nightline.susu.org/


SUSU’s Advice Centre


Why not check out this advice on moving in and out: http://www.susu.org/downloads/pdf-booklets/advice/moving-inout.pdf


Words: Mayan Al-Shakarchy


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