Student Bursaries increased to £2million

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This year Union President David Gilani has been working with the University of Southampton’s finances team to promote the option of bursaries. Having reached over 3000 students over Facebook, the SUSU website, the student blog site and the University website, resultantly 67% of students have realised the benefits on bursaries.

Further, the University and SUSU have made £2.2million of bursaries available for students this year, a figure which is set to double in future years. Continuing the campaign to end student poverty, staff at the University of Southampton have created an access agreement to ensure that students struggling with finances receive the support they require.

In the last few months the SUSU campaign has shown that it can help bring people from wider backgrounds to university, for example ending the University’s system of increasing fees for international students.

To read David Gilani’s report on the campaign to end student poverty, please visit http://blogs.susu.org/sabbs/2013/11/01/ending-student-poverty/

Words: Parul Pujara

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