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SUSU is proud to have over 300 student groups ranging from sports to education to sustainability. Each group represents, promotes and engages students in different ways providing every student the opportunity to develop their skills.


Perhaps you are a member of the Netball squad, or enjoy supporting a charity like Amnesty International, but why not try something that you never thought you would enjoy. You might find you enjoy something new and it could have a positive effect on your life! Your time at university is a golden time to try something new and doing it through a student group is a great way to start. Not only are fees cheaper (many are free), but they are also a great way to meet students, who share the same passion you do, and make friends.


Furthermore, each student group provides many opportunities. Whilst SUSU’s media outlets such as SUSUtv, SURGE radio and Wessex Scene provide skills in filming, radio and journalism respectively, student communities reach out to a wide range of cultures. With over 100 sports societies, there is bound to be one kind of sport that you will enjoy!


Why not check out the wide range of student groups available here: http://www.susu.org/activities/


Couldn’t find anything you liked? Why not start up your own society! Find out how here: https://www.susu.org/groups/admin/affiliate.php/


Words: Mayan Al-Shakarchy

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