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Are you involved in a sports club? Have you eaten in the Bridge? Have you used the Advice Centre? Have you attended an event at the Cube? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then SUSU has done something for you!

Union Council is currently SUSU’s biggest student decision making body. It discusses, votes, and decides how things should run within SUSU and this impacts every student that is involved in SUSU in any kind of form – it could be the funding to a society or the way in which we vote in elections.

After Easter, Union Council will be holding its AGM – very exciting! If you have never come to a Union Council meeting before or you are just interested to see what happens, why not come along to the AGM and make a difference on policy that will affect students!

If you’re feeling extra passionate about the way that Union Councils are run and feel like you can bring something new to the meetings, why not run to be the Union Council Chair. It is a fantastic opportunity to practice your impartiality skills, leadership skills, and make a different to tone of Union Council.

Words: Mayan Al-Sharkarchy

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