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Revision can be pretty boring, can’t it? In an effort to make your exam preparation that bit more exciting and useful, we’ve picked out some of the best apps to complement your current revision methods.


1. Revision App (App Giant Ltd, iPhone/iPad) – Free, 69p for extras

Appropriately named, this sounds like the obvious one. This app supports students at various levels of education and allows for the creation of your own flashcards with video, text or audio, which can even be shared with friends.


2. Evernote (Evernote, iPhone/iPad/Android) – Free, £4 to £35 for upgrades

Evernote has been around for a while now, but its longevity has proved worthwhile, with the organisational app providing a simple and effective service. The app allows for the creation of notes which are automatically synchronised to the Evernote system meaning they can be accessed remotely. The notes are easy to make and the cross-platform capability makes it even more handy.


3. iMindMap (ThinkBuzan, iPhone/iPad/Android) – Free

Perhaps more appropriate for those with tablets, this app enables the creation of mind maps as revision tools. It can be useful for structuring thoughts and is especially good for visual learners.


4. Spritz (Spritz, Samsung S5)

This could be the miracle you didn’t think was possible if you have neglected your reading throughout the semester, because this app aims to speed up your reading. The science behind it sounds tricky, but it’s something to do with helping your mind find the ‘Optical Recognition Point’ of a word, from which the word is processed. The app therefore trains users to learn a new method of learning, which it is claimed, could help you read up to three times quicker. Although limited to a select few devices, there are several spinoffs which can also be downloaded.


5. Remember the Milk (Remember the Milk, iPhone/iPad) – Free

This is one of the best organisational applications around with an attractive and simple interface which enables you to create, organise and prioritise tasks, reminders and lists.


6. Dropbox (Dropbox, iPhone/iPad) – Free, extra storage can be purchased

Chances are, you already have a Dropbox account, but if you don’t, you need one. The storage app allows all kinds of files to be uploaded or downloaded from any device. If you want to make your computer notes available on your phone, or move an academic journal from your computer to your iPad, Dropbox can be the facility to do that on.

Words: Howell Davies

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