Fun Revision Techniques

In General

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For those of you who are bored of your usual revision techniques, why not try something different?

  • Colourful mind maps -Mind maps are a great way to retain information if you like learning visually.

* Tip: Try and fit everything onto one page so that you ensure your information is succinct and easier to remember!

  • Record yourself with a Dictaphone  – You might hate the sound of your voice but this is very useful for those who prefer to learn through audio.

*Tip: why not try putting on different voices for different pieces of information, or swap your dictations with your friends?

  • Mnemonics (e.g. “Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity” is a mnemonic for how to spell mnemonic.)

*Tip: Be creative in what you make up and share with your classmates!

  • Repetition  – this may sound boring but by repeating yourself over and over again, the information you’re trying to retain might become very easy to you.

*Tip: Read a set number of pages from a book you’re trying to remember information from, and then write down everything you remember onto a blank piece of paper. Go through the set pages you read and if you have forgotten anything, add it onto your notes in red!

  • Group revision – many brains in a room working together really is better than just one! By working together, you can share notes, teach one another and help each other understand topics better.

 *Tip: why not book a library room to use to study?

Words: Mayan Al-Shakarchy


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