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The EU elections will take place 22 May, if you are eligible to vote you should by now have received a polling card and details on how to register. Still unsure how to proceed? Click here for a helpful run-down of the process. Registration closes 6 May, so make sure you have by then!

According to the Bite the Ballot website, the EU is responsible for between 15-50% of all UK legislation, including: “International trade, the environment, agriculture (farming, conservation, animal), workers’ rights and much more” , all of which could have a profound effect on your life immediately or in your future.
SUSU considers it important that young people are represented on the world stage, and strongly encourages each student to, at the very least, add themselves to the electoral register. This, as well as the votes themselves, is what policy makers look at when determining how to shape policies that affect us, and young people are still woefully under-subscribed.

Bite the Ballot have also included a helpful widget at the bottom of this page to guide you through the turgid political rhetoric and work out who you agree with most. Answer a few questions about which issues mean the most to you and it will calculate whose views you align with best!

In addition, there is an opportunity to meet candidates standing for election, at a Hustings in the Bridge on May 1 at 3pm, where you will also have a chance to ask them questions.


Words: Jonny Vaughan

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