Hartley Library announces extended hours during the Summer term

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In response to student demand, staff at Hartley Library have announced their extended opening hours during the upcoming exam period, made possible by the Education Enhancement fund.

“From Monday 28th April – Friday 6th June, the Hartley Library will be open continuously every day of the week.

Saturdays are special, though – the Library will close at midnight, have a short break, refresh and open again on Sunday at 9:00 a.m., continuing throughout the week.

We know that you like to study at all hours, especially during exam time. The Library is making these changes because our students asked us to. Please let us know what you think.”
Hartley Library Facebook page.

Students will have full access to library facilities at any time of the day, excepting a brief, 9 hour recess from midnight on Saturdays until 9am on Sundays.

David Mendoza-Wolfson, SUSU’s current VP Education, who spearheaded the bid to keep Hartley Library open 24 hours a day in line with other leading universities, had this to say:

“I’m told that this has been trialled before, but certainly not in the past 5 years… In real terms, the benefits for students are clear. Students who feel that they work best at night are now able to do so in a good working environment and not in either their bedrooms or the Murray Building’s computer labs. The library, unlike the Murray Building, has clean water that can be drunk by students, and is a more appropriate study space for many activities.
Ultimately it comes down to giving students choice about when they work, and ensuring the University caters to all needs. As far as the future goes, the library has laid out plans for the next 3 years with a 24 hour library being available during exam seasons. I believe that it will soon be rolled out across the academic year and have no doubt that it will be provided… What is clear from all the feedback that has been collected is that students want this 24 hour library and I’m very excited about this opening.”

We looking forward to having this facility for future exam periods, and the prospect of a permanent 24 hour library is a tantalising one; keep an eye out for updates and good luck with revision!

Words: Jonny Vaughan

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