Students’ Union AGM Ideas Ranking complete

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Last week gave students the chance to vote on which ideas they’d like to see discussed at the upcoming SUSU

AGM. From banning Sabbatical Officers from rerunning to pitching the idea of keeping a SUSU kitten (and lion!)

almost 30 suggestions were made, giving students and trustees plenty to talk about at the general meeting. The

AGM will see the discussion of these student-submitted policies and the election of the Chair of Union Council.

The AGM will also see the approval of this year’s annual report, Trustees Report and a list of the Union’s

affiliations. Final policies reflecting the most popular ideas will be published today.

Once the final proposals have been made they can be voted on before or during the AGM on 14 May, either in person or online.


For more information about the AGM and ideas ranking, click here: http://www.susu.org/running-your-union/



Words: Parul Pujara

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