SUSU holds another Wellbeing Week

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We’ve had Mental Health Awareness Day, we’ve had a Mental Wellbeing Conference: now SUSU is planning

another fun-filled Wellbeing Week from 12 – 16 May (just in time for the Summer Exams!). Students will be

encouraged to focus on maintaining their physical wellbeing as the ever-stressful exam period draws closer. The

aim of the event is to promote healthy living by obtaining tips on how to stay fit and eat well, giving out

information on mental and sexual health and even some tips on how to stay on top of your finances. With the

distribution of free condoms, a chance to use the ‘Mental Wellbeing photobooth’ and try out the ‘beer goggles

challenge’, this lively and popular campus event is surely not one to be missed. The week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday 12 May will feature the exciting ‘beer goggles challenge’ – come along and try it out, you might even

win a prize!

Tuesday 13: campus will play host to a ‘Mental Wellbeing photobooth’, and there will be information provided

on mental health and how to look after and support your friends

Wednesday 14: information about sexual health, advice about relationships (and free condoms) will be provided

by student-led committee ‘Sexpression Southampton’

Thursday 15: tips on eating healthily and getting physically healthy

Friday 16: tips on staying on top of your finances at university


Words: Parul Pujara

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