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Another SUSU AGM has been and gone, with enough students participating in voting to make this year’s meeting quorate! The minutes of the meeting and the issues discussed will appear on official channels soon, but in the meantime we can reveal a basic outline of the results, courtesy of a helpful thread in the SUSU Ideas and Open Discussion Group.

1. Stop charging for debit card use in SUSU outlets (1314P14) was referred to Trustees.

2. New seats for the Cube (1314P15) had the amendment accepted and was passed.

3. Delivering for our Student Groups with a Bank of SUSU (1314P16) was passed.

4. Preventing censorship in SUSU (1314P17) had the amendment accepted and was passed.

5. Reforming the EVAs (1314P18) was referred to VP Engagement.

6. Sabbatical term limits (1314P19) had Marcus’ amendment accepted, then was referred to the President to bring to Democracy Zone to bring to Union Council.

7. Creation of a platform to permit direct questions to Sabbatical candidates in elections (1314P20) was passed.

8. Improving Trans Inclusion (1314P21) was taken by parts, but all of it was passed.

9. Industrial Action by University Staff (1314P22) was passed.

10. Sabbaticals on Satellite Campuses (1314P23) was passed.

11. Commitment to elections (1314P24) was passed.

12. Sport for All (1314P25) was withdrawn, with intent to bring to Union Council.

13. Ethics and Environment Policy (1314P26) was passed.

14. Swimming session for women only (1314P27) was referred to Sports Development.

15. Emergency Policy – Improved Leadership and Representation Policy (1314P28). First amendment was passed, second amendment was rejected, third amendment was rejected. It was then referred to Union Council.

This year’s AGM was broadcasted live on SUSUtv, with further opportunities to vote during the meeting appearing in real time to students watching remotely, away from campus! All this aside, it was great to see so many members of the SUSU community contributing to this important aspect of student life, as well as adopting a strictly tongue-in-cheek approach to the dress code.

Thanks to all of you, and many thanks to Emily Shepherd for the swift write-up of the results!

Words: Jonny Vaughan

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