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The Shop at SUSU has launched a website to provide the opportunity for branded items to be purchased from anywhere in the world.

Items now available on the website,which can be accessed by clicking here, include University of Southampton hoodies and t-shirts, and also items with the Stag’s branding such as aprons, footballs, mugs, footballs, tea towels, frisbees and even boxer shorts.

Talking about how the website will complement the service which the shop offers, Manager Paul Ridge said: “It gives people a chance to buy from the comfort of their own home. So if you’re a recent graduate and you forgot to pick something up before leaving Southampton, or if you’re an alumnus from further back or even if you’re sitting in your onesie in Portswood and fancy doing some online shopping, you can now take advantage of our online service. It’s just one more way SUSU can serve you!

Part of my mandate on taking the job as store manager was to expand the branded merchandise that we sell. My experience before working for SUSU included working in a similar role at The University of Portsmouth, where we set up an online shop 15 years ago and we sold gifts and memorabilia to alumni all over the world, so I knew it would work.”

He also added that if the trial version of the website is successful, a greater range of goods will be added, including seasonal gifts.

Not only has the shop opened online, but the staff are working hard to explore other ventures too: “We’re getting involved with the pre-sessional intakes this year, looking at offering them stationery and snacks on-site in the halls when they arrive, as well as providing them with information about our international grocery range and possibly even a mini-tour when they first come to the campus itself. It’s early days yet, so I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to pan out, but I feel very strongly we should make everyone feel welcome and this is just another way of doing that.”

The shop is always looking at ways to improve the business and welcomes customer input, so if you have any suggestions, please email Paul on shop@susu.org.


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