Bittersweet Third Place for Road Club Design

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Last week Champion Systems Ireland / UK, closed their competition for the ‘Best Kit Design Award’. First prize was a lovely £200 off kit for the club of the winning design. The University of Southampton’s Road Club entered a stylish red and yellow design that had a strong start. On the 8 May, the design found itself in first place at 382 likes, 90 likes ahead of the second-place design from Imperial University, third place not far behind that, but fourth place was just under a comfortable 200 likes away. By the end of the competition, the number of entries had almost doubled to 114, but SURC’s kit design was still going strong. SURC certainly seemed to be following in the successful steps of SUSU’s sports teams this year, the taste of our varsity victory still fresh.

Unfortunately, Imperial stormed ahead with the likes, totalling over 1000 by Monday 2 June, the competition deadline. The previously third-place design from Lancaster University’s Cycling Club similarly charged ahead, totalling almost 1000 votes. Nevertheless, SURC found itself comfortably in third place, a couple hundred of points ahead of fourth. The number of kit designs that managed to breach 100 likes, or even 30 likes, was an incredibly small percentage of the total number of entrants. Southampton’s Road Club made a wonderful achievement deserving of celebration. Congratulations to the club, and those involved in creating the design!

Words: Leodora Darlington

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