SUSU’s Communications Team Opens its Doors

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Hopefully, you have heard by now that students have taken over the writing of SUSU’s social media content, among other tasks. However, the re-jigging of the Communications Team does not end there! With this welcome change in the team structure, comes another that will hopefully increase the range of student voices funnelling into SUSU’s communications outlets. SUSU is now welcoming students to send in requests to comms@susu.org about things they would like to see the comms team writing about on social media and elsewhere. Even though the comms team now includes eight diverse students, it is still impossible for their reach to extend across all university groups, however diverse they may be. It is the comms team’s hope that once students are made aware that the email address is not only available for use, but encouraged to be used, SUSU’s communications can better represent the student body as a whole.

Students have sometimes recognised a detachment from SUSU’s communications, and the student voice is important, hence some of the exciting changes happening. Within the communications team, weekly meetings constantly reshape how communications run, and the team is constantly looking for new ways to improve. Hopefully, students will make the most of the comms@susu.org email address, and SUSU’s Facebook posts and news stories can begin to reflect all of the wonderful things happening on campus that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you do wish to send in a request to the Comms Team, let us know dates if relevant, and we would love any relevant photos too. We can’t wait to read all of the things you send us!

Words: Leodora Darlington

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