Bursaries Increased to £3million!

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As per Union President David Gilani’s determination to not let finances behave as a barrier to education, SUSU is pleased to announce that bursaries available for students has increased to £3million.

Earlier this year, SUSU launched a brief campaign to highlight the importance of bursaries over fee-waivers, which reached over 3000 students over Facebook, the SUSU website, the student blog site and the University website.

This campaign helped ensure that £2.2million in bursaries was to be given out in the last year.

Union President David Gilani writes: “the University has now agreed to change the default option to bursaries, meaning that they could potentially give out over £5.2million in bursaries” – more than double the figure for what could have been given out this year.

This significant increase in student bursaries is to be advantageous to students from poorer backgrounds who might otherwise be hindered from attending university, and in future years these students will be able to feel the difference by having the money in their pockets. David adds “I truly believe that ensuring access to bursaries is crucial if we want a University community based on merit, not finances”.

Words: Parul Pujara

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