“£’s Back To You” Campaign

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You may have already seen the new “Giving You Great Value” board up in the Concourse of the Students’ Union. It features a pie-chart illustrating how your money that you spend in the Union actually makes its way back to you, the students! Unsure how this happens? It all starts with students using SUSU’s facilities, which this year has increased by roughly £150,000 from previous years. The increased activity that we’ve seen this year allowed SUSU to increase funding to student groups by over £22,600 in January, a figure which is set to increase in next year’s budget. The differences students will have noticed thus far include a reduction in the price of Graduation Ball tickets by £10 and the creation of an innovations fun of £25,000 for any student group to apply for, among many other things. The “£’s Back To You” campaign graphic shows that for every £1 you spend in the Union’s facilities, 10p will go directly to funding student activities across all zones. Secondly, as SUSU employs hundreds of students every year to work in outlets such as the Shop, Bars or Café/ The Bridge, this shows how money is invested back into the students. So next time you’re grabbing a drink in the Bridge or buying milk from the SUSU shop, do remember that your £’s do eventually get back to you!

Words: Parul Pujara

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