SUSU’s own Recruitment Agency – the “Job Shop”

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Following the proposal made by Union President David Gilani for the creation of a SUSU Recruitment Agency or “Job Shop”, SUSU is now researching how to open the Job Shop so that it can effectively help students to find part-time work whilst studying.

As university fees have tripled since 2012 and maintenance loans barely cover the cost of accommodation, the looming issue is that finances may be acting as a barrier to many students’ education. David writes “all year, SUSU has been working to reduce these financial barriers to education, and our next project is to help students who want to find part-time work”.

One of the Job Shop’s most beneficial aims is to identify reputable companies and ethical employers, so that the students employed by them are paid fairly and treated well.

The other aims of the Job Shop will be to reduce financial barriers (as aforementioned) by creating an alternative source of income for students besides their loans, and to show employers the benefits of hiring students. To fulfil these aims, SUSU is joining the University in researching how best to operate the Job Shop. Many university’s students’ unions already have reliable job shops in place, so as David writes “there are many possible models for this type of project, which is why we are ensuring that we research the different models around the UK that currently exist so that we can create the best system for our students”.

Words: Parul Pujara

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