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It’s getting to that time of year when everyone is looking to clear their belongings out of their accommodation as contracts come to an end. Some first years may have experienced that first year feeling of financial fecundity, and splurged on that six-foot cardboard cut-out of a palm tree that seemed like such a good decoration idea at the time. The only problem now is what on earth do you do with it? No matter what stage of your degree you find yourself at, you always seem to end up with double the amount of belongings at the end of the year than you had when you first arrived. You stand in your room scratching your head at the filled suitcases and boxes, and the remaining mound of stuff, wondering how on earth you’ll get it all home when you could barely fit it in the car on move-in day. You know you can’t possibly need all of this stuff, but you can’t bear to throw it away either.

Never fear, for the third year running, the British Heart Foundation has teamed up with our halls of residence to help you clear your surplus items and put them to good use. Sift through the clothes that never even made it out of your suitcase (if you’re the unpack-as-you-go sort of unpacker) and ask yourself if you really need to hold on to them. Ditching that pair of too-tight jeans may make room for a couple of recently bought T-shirts. The items donated will help the BHF to muster up some vital stock.

‘But how and where will I do this wonderful donating?’ We’re glad you asked! There will be collection banks and bins for you to deposit that book you never want to read again, or that DVD that you have watched far too many times as a hangover cure, and feel should become someone else’s comfort film. Before you know it, you may have cleared away enough things that you no longer need contemplate seeing if your parents would be okay with tying you to the roof of the car in order to make enough room for all your stuff. They probably would have said no anyway.

The scheme raised over £1500 in its first year, and has gone from strength to strength. Hopefully your unwanted items can help to make the total raised even bigger this year. For further information contact your Halls reception.

Words: Leodora Darlington

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