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Exams may be over but June can often be a stressful time as students hurriedly attempt to pack up all worldly belongings ready to take back home or to transport to another student dwelling. To make it a little bit easier, here are some top tips to help you save a bit of money when vacating your property.


Sell your stuff: You’ll often find that as soon as you start packing, you realise that you actually have a lot of stuff you don’t use or want anymore. If you haven’t used something in the past 12 months it’s probably time to get rid of it. If you think you can sell it on, stick it on Ebay. If you need to get rid of things in a hurry, there are plenty of charity shops in Portswood which welcome donations, or you could post your items in the Southampton Free & For Sale Facebook group.


Use supermarket boxes: When packing, it soon becomes difficult to find enough boxes or bags to put your possessions in. A lot of supermarkets don’t give out free boxes anymore, but luckily enough, Sainsbury’s in Portswood does. By the checkouts there is an area in which used boxes are regularly left, which can be taken for free. This can save money on buying large moving boxes.


Clean your house: It sounds obvious but this can often lead to a lot of money down the drain if your landlord does not return your deposit. Have a conversation with your landlord about what they want done, and refer to an inventory if you have one. Make sure you know how much the deposit you paid was, and draw up a table of all the tasks which need to be done, assigning each one to a different housemate.


Check your meters: If you are on a meter for water, electricity or gas, it’s important that you check your meter before you leave, and notify your providers that you will no longer be living there. Take a photo of the meters for proof, and that way you won’t get charged extra when new people move into the house. This can also lead to a healthy refund if you have been paying too much throughout the year.


Reclaim your license fee: The television license fee can seem quite costly when first purchased, but if you’ve got at least a full three months left of your license which you won’t use, you can get part of your fee refunded. For more information on how to submit a refund request, click here.

If you have any other top tips, please leave them in the comments section below!

Words: Howell Davies

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