Sabbatical Handover Week a Success!

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Last week at SUSU saw the end of an era, as the Sabbatical team from 2013/14 handed over to the incoming officers prior to the beginning of their year in office this Tuesday.


We spoke to the new Sabbatical team about the handover week, and about their outlook on the year in general. They were all in agreement that the handover week had been a fantastic experience, with Anjit Aulakh (incoming VP Communities) saying that it had been “probably [his] best week in Southampton yet… surreal and an absolute blast.”

Sophia D’angelico (incoming VP Education) added that it had been “intense, but fun from the word go,” and Megan Downing (incoming VP Democracy and Creative Industries) backed this up with, “it’s been pretty full on… I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely shattered!”

Katie Lightowler (incoming VP Sports Development) commented that the week had been “a useful insight to the year ahead,” and David Mendoza-Wolfson (outgoing VP Education and incoming President) and Beckie Thomas (going into her second term as VP Welfare) commented that the experience had been a little different for them.

Beckie told us, “It’s been special for me particularly as I’ve been able to spend it with my current team, handing our knowledge on to my new team,” as well as that she’ll be “incredibly sad to say goodbye to [the old team] but [she knows] they’ll go on to do great things.” David added that he’d really enjoyed “being able to hand over to Sophia who [he knows] will do an absolutely fantastic job.”


Looking forward to the year ahead, David told us that he was “very excited to work with this team for the coming year”, with Sophia adding that she “can’t wait to start next week!” Megan commented that, “David [Martin, outgoing VP DCI] has been fab (and very thourough!) in his handover so I feel confident that I can continue the great work he has done this year.” Beckie said that she was excited to “make change happen, with a new bunch of incredibly passionate individuals,” whilst Anjit simply said he was “eager and anxious”.


Overall, it seems like a positive outlook for this year’s Sabbatical team – we look forward to seeing what they get up to over the next year!

Words: Caitlin Hobbs

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