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When considering what university is about, one could not neglect the role of the students themselves. Students, both past and present, sum up what university is all about. Present students are valued for the hard work they are currently undertaking to reach graduation, but past students will always be recognised and appreciated for their successes since graduation. Alumni create and enhance the university’s reputation, which in turn helps sustain the university. So although there are countless others who have gone on to do great things since leaving us, here is a condensed list of our alumni detailing their degree, graduation year, involvement with SUSU and their most notable achievements since graduation:

Alumnus Degree Course and Graduation Year Involvement with SUSU Most notable achievements or job position
Jon Craig LLB Law, 1978 President of Students’ Union 1978-1979 Chief Political Correspondent Sky News
John Denham MP BSc Chemistry, 1974 President of Students’ Union 1976-1977 Labour MP for Southampton, Itchen
Paul Ettinger BSc Physics & Electronics, 1980 Founded University’s ski racing club Co-Founder Caffè Nero and Chairman Streetlife.com
John Inverdale BA History, 1979 Writer and Editor of Wessex News (now Wessex Scene) Radio and TV broadcaster
Dominic Mohan BA English, 1990 Writer and Editor of Wessex News (now Wessex Scene) Journalist and former editor of The Sun
Michael Pickwoad BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1967 Member of the University sailing club Production Designer of BBC Doctor Who
Lohan Presencer BEng Acoustics, 1992 Events Sabbatical Officer 1992-93 CEO – Ministry of Sound
Jon Sopel BSc Politics and Sociology, 1981 President of Students’ Union 1981-1982 BBC News Presenter
Chris Stark BSc Politics, 2008 Worked on student radio Surge Co-host on the Scott Mills Show BBC Radio 1
Dr Alan Whitehead MP BA Philosophy and Politics, 1973

PhD Political Science, 1976

President of Student’s Union – 1971-1972 Labour MP for Southampton, Test

Chair of All Party Renewable & Sustainable Energy Group

Caroline Wyatt BA English and German, 1989 Was a member of the Officer Training Corps BBC Defence Correspondent


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Words: Parul Pujara

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